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Riva ( Italian Race Boat )


Saint Geran 1744


Soleil Royal , Louis IV

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  • Reale de France

    La Réale (“the royal”) was a galley of the French galley corps, and the flagship of the French galley fleet under Louis XIV. She was designed by Jean-Baptiste Chabert, and built in Marseille between 1692 and 1694. La Réale was termed a galère extraordinaire (“extraordinary galley”) since she had a larger crew than normal fleet galleys.

  • Riva ( Italian Race Boat )

    The Riva is is a luxury Boat made in Italy.

  • Saint Geran 1744

    This vessel sank in 1744 off the Ile D’Ambre ( N.E of Mauritius ) Immortalized by Bernardin de St. Pierre in his novel Paul & Virginia

  • Santa Maria ( Christopher Colombus )

    Flag ship of Christopher Colombus who went, the same year , along with the Pinta and the Nina to the discovery of the New world

  • Sen Felipe ( Spanish Boat )

    The San Felipe was a Spanish Battleship launched in 1690, with an armament of 96 cannons. It was one of the most beautiful and formidable ships of the 17th century. San Felipe’s main task was to protect Spanish settlements and harbours against the British and French. It also had to transport treasures and safeguard the passage back to Spanish ports. The San Felipe is well known for her heroic battle during the War of the Spanish succession in 1705 with 12 Spanish ships against 35 British ships. The San Felipe was captured by the British but was so badly damaged that they could not salvage her. She went to the bottom with several tons of Gold.

  • Soleil Royal , Louis IV

    Ship of the French King Louis XIV also known as the Sun KIng

    18,000.00150,000.00 /

Showing 31–36 of 45 items